Clean Combustion Winter School

Clean Combustion Winter School

Workshop Description

Most of the energy used in your lifetime will come from combustion sources. Join us to learn how to make combustion energy more sustainable, cleaner for the environment and more efficient. We will discuss the major challenges that need to be overcome, and the

fundamental research discoveries that enable solutions. From fuels to engines, and the flames that burn within, you will gain insight into the science that drives new technology development.

Week 1- Fuels undergo chemical reactions with oxygen to produce heat and harmful emissions. This is the essence of combustion! Cleaner burning fuels are needed in the future. Work with shock tubes, flow reactors, and simulations to create next-generation fuels.

Week 2 - The magic of combustion happens in the flame, but it is also where most of the harmful emissions are formed. Use advanced laser diagnostics and powerful computer simulations to see inside laminar and turbulent flames, learn how to manipulate them using electric fields and fluid mechanics, and find the road to clean combustion.

 Week 3- Engines transform combustion heat into power for electricity or propulsion. Making engines more efficient will lessen the environmental impact of combustion systems. Design, simulate and operate the engine technologies of the future.

 Successful applicants will receive full funding for round-trip airfare, health insurance, on-campus hotel accommodations, visa costs and associated expenses, and a stipend for a three-week period.   3 academic credits will also be awarded upon successful completion of the course.​​

Workshop Faculty

Gaetano Magnotti, Deanna Lacoste, Mani Sarathy

Workshop Dates

28 Jan, 2018 through 16 Feb, 2018

Field of Study

Mechanical, Nuclear, Aerospace, Chemical Engineering, Applied Physics, Applied Mathematics​