Method development: Charge separation in organic solar cells

Method development: Charge separation in organic solar cells

Internship Description

The Ultrafast Dynamics (UFD) Group is looking for an excellent intern with LabView programing experience and interest in both, setup development and experimental studies.


The student will work on improving our time delayed collection-field (TDCF) experimental setup and its LabView control program. This setup is used to characterize how photogenerated excitons are converted into separated charges that contribute to the photocurrent of the solar cell. The project includes a setup/program development part in which the student will have to add some functionalities to our existing setup and a second part which deals with the experimental investigation of charge separation. Specifically, the student will investigate the efficiency, mechanism and limitations of charge photo- generation in new and emerging organic material systems.


Improved experimental TDCF setup and control software (3 months)
Studies of charge separation of novel OPV materials using the improved TDCF setup and data to contribute to scientific publications (6 months)​

Faculty Name

Frederic Laquai

Field of Study

Material science or electrical engineering or computer science