Autonomous multi-agent robotics


Project Description

This project involves the design of algorithms for autonomous robotics. Depending on the background of the applicant, the specific application of interest may be aerial, ocean, or manipulator platforms. The objective is to design algorithms to enable teams of autonomous agents to collaborate effectively for missions such as dynamic area coverage or collaborative manipulation. Methodologies include a combination of control and computer vision algorithms, with onboard execution being a requirement.​​​
Program - Electrical Engineering
Division - Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Sciences and Engineering
Field of Study - ​Electrical Engineering

About the

Jeff S. Shamma

Professor (Adjunct), Electrical and Computer Engineering<br/>Director, Center of Excellence for NEOM Research at KAUST

Jeff S. Shamma
​Professor Shamma's research is in the general area of feedback control and systems theory. His most recent research has been in decision and control for distributed multiagent systems and the related topics of game theory and network science, with applications to both cyberphysical and societal network systems.

Desired Project Deliverables

​Learn about onboard mobile robot dynamics and control.Learn about computer vision algorithms for object detection. Learn about control algorithms such as model predictive control. Learn about onboard implementation systems (pixhawk & odroid & ROS). Implement and test algorithms of experimental platforms.​