Carbon-neutral interconversion of CO2 and liquid fuels


Project Description

Saudi Arabia is a visionary country in low-carbon economy. An inspiring low-carbon target has been outlined in the national “Vision 2030” strategy. As an addition to these ambitions, we propose a new energy storage and conversion device, integrating the functions of CO2 to liquid fuel conversion, fuel storage, and power generation in one. We will make a rational design of a self-restructuring electrocatalysts that could do both electrochemical CO2 reduction and fuel oxidation.
Program - Chemical Engineering
Division - Physical Sciences and Engineering
Center Affiliation - Clean Combustion Research Center
Field of Study - Electrochemistry

About the

Thibault F. Guiberti

Assistant Research Professor

Thibault F. Guiberti

​Professor Guiberti's research interests are in reactive flows and optical diagnostics, with special emphasis on the combustion of carbon-free fuels (e.g., hydrogen and ammonia) at practically-relevant conditions, namely high pressure and turbulence. He is also interested in the development of optical diagnostics for the measurement of temperature and species concentration, including laser-induced fluorescence, Raman spectroscopy, and chemiluminescence.

Desired Project Deliverables

1) Survey of relevant literature on the topic 2) Design of a lab-scale reactor for the electrochemical CO2 reduction and fuel oxidation 3) Manufacture and commission of the lab-scale reactor


Bachelor or Master degree in chemical engineering
Bachelor or Master degree in chemical engineering