Earth Structure imaging of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area


Project Description

The student will investigate the Earth structure below the Ngorongoro Conservation Area (Northern Tanzania) using broadband seismic data previously acquired by Prof. Mai's research group. In particular, receiver functions will be calculated and the resuling Earth model will becompared to the results in literature obtained with the same method applied to an adjacent area. Recommended Student Academic & Research Background: MSc in Geophysics or related field ​
Program - Earth Science and Engineering
Division - Physical Sciences and Engineering
Field of Study - Earth structure, seismology.​

About the

Paul Martin Mai

Professor, Earth Science and Engineering<br/>Associate Dean Students, Physical Science and Engineering

Paul Martin Mai
Professor Mai's research interests include the physics of earthquakes and the resulting complexity of earthquake phenomena, as seen, for instance, through earthquake-source imaging and dynamic rupture modeling. Mai's work extends to strong ground motion properties and near-source broadband wavefield simulations that include seismic wave scattering in heterogeneous media.

He is also interested in earthquake engineering and seismic hazard analysis, and the application of innovative seismology tools in these fields. In this context, his work spans from fundamental earthquake physics to applied earthquake engineering.

Desired Project Deliverables

​The student is expected to deliver a preliminary seismic velocity model for the crust of the investigated area and to discuss his/her result during group seminars.​