Experiments on High-Speed Multi-Phase Flow


Project Description

​The project will use high-speed video cameras to study the motions of drops and bubbles inside high-speed water-flow through a small channel.  Two high-speed cameras will be used to follow the trajectories of the droplets and small bubbles and record their breakup.  The aim of the work is to see how the smallest droplets or bubbles are generated by the turbulent flow-field.  This study is relevant for applications in the petrochemical industry.​​​
Program - Mechanical Engineering
Division - Physical Sciences and Engineering
Field of Study - ​Fluid Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering or Chemical Engineering

About the

Sigurdur Thoroddsen

Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Sigurdur Thoroddsen
Professor Thoroddsen's research work has appeared in 95 journal publications and over 60 proceedings, reports and abstracts. His work is in the area of experimental fluid mechanics, focusing on the use of ultra-high-speed video imaging to study the dynamics of free-surface flows and Tomo-PIV studies in turbulence. This includes the coalescence and breakup of drops and bubbles, splashing and spray formation, as well as the dynamics of fine jets of relevance to inkjet printers.

He is also interested in coating flows, the dynamics of granular media, laser-produced cavitation dynamics and the spinning of nanofibers from electrified drops.

Desired Project Deliverables

​Perform experiments in the High-Speed Fluids Imaging Laboratory  under the supervision of Sigurdur Thoroddsen. Write a final report describing all the experiments performed and reducing the data.  Write a description of experimental techniques for others to continue the work.