Inkjet Printed Flexible RF Energy Harvesting Module


Project Description

In this project, the student will design a flexible antenna in an EM simulator to collect RF energy. Then the student will learn inkjet printing in the lab. The designed antenna will be printed on a PET or a PEN substrate. The antenna will be integrated with a custom rectifier chip (previously done). The student will need to do the layout for mounting of the chip on the antenna substrate and will also integrate the chip with the antenna. Finally, characterization of the complete energy harvesting module will be done through an RF source and suitable load.​​​​
Program - Electrical Engineering
Division - Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Sciences and Engineering
Field of Study - ​Electrical Engineering​

About the

Atif Shamim

Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Atif Shamim
​Professor Shamim's research is focused on applications like personal area network, automotive radars, wearable and implantable wireless sensors, wireless powering and renewable energy. The following specific research projects are being pursued
  • CMOS RF SoC design (RFICs with on-chip antennas)
  • Antenna design, integration and miniaturization techniques
  • 3D IC packaging and embedded passives in LTCC, LCP and IPD environments for SoP applications
  • Ferrite LTCC based tunable and reconfigurable circuits carbon-based nano radio design (Carbon nano-tube and Graphene mediums)
  • Flexible RF electronics (inkjet printing on paper, plastics, etc)
  • Energy harvesting through ambient resources (infrared, EM)
  • Wearable and Disposable wireless sensors