Modeling shallow water waves via CG-FEM with monolithic convex limiting


Project Description

​Structural damages due to big and strong waves is an important problem for different locations.One can place levees or other structures to reduce the impact of such waves on specific locations of interest. However, other approaches might be useful.For example, one can try to reflect most of the energy of a wave before it reaches a point of interest. Alternatively, one can force the wave to dissipate its energy before arriving to the point of interest.In this project we will consider a few problems of interest such as wave propagation in channels and use multiphase flow codes to simulate these scenarios. Our goal is to explore alternatives for the design of hydraulic structures to protect specific points of interest.​ ​​​
Program - Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
Division - Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Sciences and Engineering
Field of Study - ​Applied mathematics and computational science

About the

David I. Ketcheson

Associate Professor, Applied Mathematics and Computational Science

David I. Ketcheson

​Professor Ketcheson's research interests are in the areas of numerical
analysis and hyperbolic PDEs. His work includes development of efficient
time integration methods, wave propagation algorithms, and modeling of
wave phenomena in heterogeneous media.

Desired Project Deliverables

​- Implementation of monolithic convex limiting in an existing finite element code- Comparison of this technique with existing algorithms​