Novel highly efficient hole transporting layers for perovskite solar cells


Project Description

This project is focusing on an emerging and highly promising technology, perovskite solar cells. Novel hole transporting materials synthesized in our group will be utilized. The successful candidate will gain experience on device fabrication, electrical and morphological characterization of the  perovskite solar cells.​​​​​​
Program - Materials Science & Engineering
Division - Physical Sciences and Engineering
Center Affiliation - KAUST Solar Center
Field of Study - ​Material Science and Engineering, Applied Physics, Chemistry

About the

Iain McCulloch

Professor, Chemical Science<br/>Director, KAUST Solar Center

Iain McCulloch
​Professor McCulloch's research interests are in the design and synthesis of semiconducting small molecules and polymers for use in organic electronic devices. This has focused on the understanding and control of microstructure and energy levels in conjugated aromatic semiconducting polymers and the subsequent impact on device properties.