Polymeric membranes for liquid separation


Project Description

Development of polymeric membranes for different separations, aiming at applications in the chemical industry or water treatment. The project will involve polymer modification or crosslinking, morphology control and characterization, and filtration performance evaluation.  ​
Program - Environmental Science and Engineering
Division - Biological and Environmental Sciences and Engineering
Field of Study - ​Chemistry, chemical engineering, polymer science​

About the

Suzana Nunes

Professor, Environmental Science and Engineering

Suzana Nunes

Professor Nunes' research interests are new copolymers, functionalized nanofillers and organic-inorganic nanocomposites for membrane application; thermodynamics and morphology control of supramolecular assembly of block copolymers in solution, functionalized nanoparticles and complexing agents, as tools for preparing nanostructured polymer films; characterization of copolymer assembly in solution and membranes by advanced microscopy and (synchrotron) scattering methods; and membrane development for nanofiltration, forward osmosis, membrane distillation and integration of membrane and catalysis.

Desired Project Deliverables

​Membranes with controlled porosity and different chemical functionalizations Morphology imaging (electron microscopy)