Power Shell Integrated energy network with flexible and stretchable solar cells, hydrogen generators and storage.


Project Description

We are exploring and developing a large-are curvilinear surface deployable energy network on flexible and stretchable platform which can be used for smart world application specially for civil infrastructure and/or transportation including aero plane to automobile to sea vessels.  The nature of this project is extremely multi-disciplinary: •            Material science and chemistry will let us choose the correct materials. •            Electrical engineering will let us design, fabricate, characterize the energy harvesting and storage devices and their reliability.•            Chemical engineering will allow us to develop chemical processes for fabrication and process integration. ​​​​​​
Program - Electrical Engineering
Division - Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Sciences and Engineering
Field of Study - ​Any relevant field of science or engineering.

About the

Muhammad Mustafa Hussain

Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Muhammad Mustafa Hussain
Prof. Hussain's research is in transformational electronics and includes discovering new applications for web integrated electronics using CMOS compatible processes to transform materials, device architectures, substrates, waste materials into impactful resources including high-performance flexible-stretchable-transparent-reconfigurable inorganic nanoelectronics and nanoelectronic systems.

Desired Project Deliverables

​1.. Weekly meetings with the Faculty Advisor. 2.  Weekly written report to the Faculty Advisor. 3.  Monthly presentation.