Biocatalytic Amine Synthesis


Project Description

Enantiomerically pure chiral amines are valuable building blocks for the synthesis of various compounds such as pharmaceutical drugs or agrochemicals. Biocatalytic amine synthesis allows a cost-effective and sustainable preparation of chiral amines in enantiomerically pure form. The project aims for the identification, engineering and application of new amine forming enzymes to biocatalytic retrosynthesis and new enzyme cascades. Project-duration will be 3-6 month, details of arrival/departure dates to be discussed.
Program - BioScience
Division - All Divisions
Center Affiliation - KAUST Catalysis Center
Field of Study - Biochemistry

About the

Magnus Rueping

Magnus Rueping

Desired Project Deliverables

Students shall extend their general knowledge and skills in molecular biology and protein biochemistry. An emphasis will be put on expression, purification and characterization techniques. Students will be taught to work independently on projects, yet strengthening their critical sense to develop new ideas. In the course of the internship students shall demonstrate this understanding during oral presentations and one final written report.