Development of deep work function hole transport layer for organic semiconductor diodes.


Project Description

The Ultrafast Dynamics (UFD) Research Group of the KAUST Solar Center (KSC), part of the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), welcomes applications for an internship of 6 months (further extension possible). Our present research focuses on spectroscopic and electronic characterization of photovoltaic devices that use organic and hybrid (perovskite) semiconductors with aim undersanding the photophysics governing those device efficiencies.. This specific project is related to device engineering and characterization based on organic semiconductors. The Ultrafast Dynamics Group is looking for an excellent intern interested in experimental studies, involving material science and engineering. More specifically, the student will have to develop hole transport layers (HTL) for organic diodes, enabling to inject holes at deep energy levels in the most recent generations of semiconductors used for organic solar cells. The larger frame of this study is to understand and reduce the energy losses observed in organic solar cells, ultimately leading to higher efficiencies. In details, this development involves the choice of materials, and the optimization of processing conditions. It also involves characterization of the developed films including electrical (current vs. voltage curves), spectroscopic (electroluminescence, photovoltaic quantum efficiency spectra) and energetic (photoemission spectroscopy in air) characterizations. As such, this project is a wonderful opportunity to get familiar with a range of experimental techniques, relevant for the semiconductor research and industry: how to use them, and how to cure and interpret the data.
Program - Applied Physics
Division - Physical Sciences and Engineering
Faculty Lab Link -
Center Affiliation - KAUST Solar Center
Field of Study - Material science, electronics, experimental/applied physics.

About the

Frederic Laquai

Frederic Laquai

Desired Project Deliverables

i- Get familiar solar cells and OLED processing and characterization (1 month). ii- Test of different HTL material and optimization of processing condition (5 month). iii- Use of those new HTL to study energy losses in organic solar cells (6+ month).