Development of electro-optical characterization techniques for solar cells


Project Description

The Ultrafast Dynamics (UFD) Research Group of the KAUST Solar Center (KSC), part of the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), welcomes applications for an internship of up to 6 months. Our present research facilities include a number of spectroscopic and electro-optical characterization techniques to study photovoltaic devices based on organic and hybrid (perovskite) semiconductors. The Ultrafast Dynamics (UFD) Group is looking for an excellent intern interested in both, setup development and experimental studies. LabVIEW or programing experience is a big plus. Experience with CAD software, 3D printing and PCB design are a plus. The main task of the student will be to upgrade (hardware and software) the existing sensitive External Quantum Efficiency (sEQE) measurement setup used to investigate sub bandgap absorption features in photovoltaic devices (perovskite and organic based devices). The student will learn how to operate the current setup and develop a new measurement routine to comply with IEC measurement standards (60904-8 and 60904-8-1). The student will establish an internal standard operating procedure for the setup and train colleagues to use it. Additionally, the student will contribute to debugging and optimizing the measurement programs for various charge extraction techniques, including Time-Delay Collection Field (TDCF), photo-charge extraction by linearly increasing voltage (photo-CELIV), and Time-of-Flight (ToF). The student will also learn to fabricate and characterize organic solar cells using a number of electro-optical techniques. By the end of the internship, the student will be highly experienced with the fabrication and electro-optical characterization of solar cells.
Program - Materials Science & Engineering
Division - Physical Sciences and Engineering
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Center Affiliation - KAUST Solar Center
Field of Study - Materials Science

About the

Frederic Laquai

Frederic Laquai

Desired Project Deliverables

i- Familiarization of the student with the sEQE technique and IEC standards (0.5 months). ii- Optimization and improvement of the sEQE setup (2.5 months). iii- Debugging various measurement programs (2 months). iv- Fabrication and characterization of solar cells (1 Month)