Digital Outcrop Model-based analysis of fracture network


Project Description

The presence of hydraulically conductive fracture networks is a key parameter influencing the fluid flow in hydrocarbon reservoirs, affecting the ultimate recovery factor, productivity and future development planning. This project aims to map and measure the fracture network in the Duqm area (Shuaiba Formation, Sultanate of Oman) using 3D and 2D photogrammetry data. We will analyze fractures at different scales to extract quantitative information about the spatial organization, the intensity and the variability with respect to the main faults observed in the area. For this project we are looking for a motivated geology student with a solid background in structural geology.
Program - Earth Science and Engineering
Division - Physical Sciences and Engineering
Center Affiliation - Ali I. Al-Naimi Petroleum Engineering Research Center
Field of Study - Structural geology

About the

Volker Vahrenkamp

Volker Vahrenkamp

Desired Project Deliverables

Define fracture set and fracture intensity variation of the area in relation with the main structural features.