Protein design based on AlphaFold2


Project Description

AlphaFold2 has made the biggest breakthrough in computational biology and has created the hope to be able to not only solve the forward protein 3D structure prediction problem, but also target a more challenging but more practically useful inverse problem, protein design. Protein design is the core problem in protein engineering and optimization, with a very wide range of applications in enzyme optimization, antibody design, drug development, etc. This project is designed to leverage the power of AlphaFold2 to target the protein design problem through developing AI methods.
Program - Computer Science
Division - Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Sciences and Engineering
Center Affiliation - Computational Bioscience Research Center
Field of Study - AI+Bioinformatics

About the

Xin Gao

Xin Gao

Desired Project Deliverables

An end-to-end learning pipeline for protein design.