3D printing of smart composites for wireless structural health monitoring


Project Description

New composite infrastructure used for the energy transition (hydrogen energy, solar, wind) are facing enormous challenges when it comes to integrity and maintenance. We propose here to integrate within smart composites special sensing technologies, allowing the wireless control of these critical systems. The project will make large use of additive manufacturing at different scales.
Program - Mechanical Engineering
Division - Physical Sciences and Engineering
Field of Study - Composites, additive manufacturing, energy, structural integrity

About the

Gilles Lubineau

Professor, Mechanical Engineering<br/>Interim Dean, Physical Science and Engineering

Gilles Lubineau
Professor Lubineau’s research simultaneously involves computational, modeling and experimental developments to tackle complex problems related to composite engineering and more generally to heterogeneous materials. 

Lubineau’s research is focused on four key areas:
  • Integrity of composite materials and structures. Isotropic and anisotropic damage theories; fracture mechanics; homogenization techniques bridging micro-mechanical models to meso/macro-scale models; multi-scale modeling; and damage mechanisms in nano-reinforced multiscale composites.
  • Durability of composite materials and structures; modeling of aging for polymer-based CFRPs under various environments (moisture, temperature, radiation, oxidation, mechanical fatigue); aging of steel pipes in sour environments; and the development of multiphysics-related models (experimental, modeling and computational work).
  • Inverse problems for the identification of constitutive parameters; digital image correlation-based identification techniques; identification techniques for interfaces in joints and laminates; and identification techniques based on 2-D (optical pictures) and 3-D (tomography) image correlation.
  • Multiscale coupling techniques; coupling between non-local continuum and local continuum models; and upscaling strategies for handling localized effects in large-scale simulations.

Desired Project Deliverables

- report - prototype


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Mechanical engineering
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