Cyber-Secure Integration of Renewable Energy Sources


Project Description

This research project aims to contribute towards a resilient and secure power system employing power electronics for renewable energy sources (RES) integration. The goal is to examine the security implications of integrity and availability attacks in power transmission and distribution systems, and examine the performance and economic impact on real-time energy market operations. Risk assessment methodologies will quantify attack resources under certain level of adversarial knowledge. The objective is to enhance system cyber-(resiliency, security), while addressing disruptive cyber-physical events and preventing these effects from escalating into major failures and hence causing cascading blackout scenarios.
Program - Electrical Engineering
Division - Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Sciences and Engineering
Field of Study - Electrical and Computer Engineering/Computer Science

About the

Charalambos Konstantinou

Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Charalambos Konstantinou

​Professor Konstantinou's research interests are in secure, trustworthy, and resilient cyber-physical and embedded IoT systems. He is also interested in critical infrastructures security and resilience with special focus on smart grid technologies, renewable energy integration, and real-time simulation.

Desired Project Deliverables

1. Improve an existing power system benchmark to support certain RES and their corresponding controllers. 2. Impact evaluation of attacks at the various connection points. 3. Examine effects of attacks on market operations. 4. Identify methods to improve system performance.