Seeing the invisible – air flow around droplet upon impact


Project Description

The Droplet Lab in KAUST (Saudi Arabia) is hosting one student for a 4-6 months for a fully-funded paid research internship under the VSRP program. The student will learn about using high-speed photography and Schlieren imaging technique to visualize air flow around droplets upon impact. The student will work closely with Prof. Dan Daniel who has hosted several undergraduate students in previous years; all of whom have published papers at top journals (including Nature Physics and Physical Review X) during their internships. Any bright, motivated student with a background in the physical sciences (Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Nanotechnology) is welcome to send his/her CV to
Program - Mechanical Engineering
Division - Physical Sciences and Engineering
Field of Study - Engineering (Mechanical/Chemical), Chemistry, Physics

About the

Daniel Daniel

Daniel Daniel

Desired Project Deliverables

Learning how to perform high-speed imaging. For highly motiated student, one publication in strong peer-reviewed journal is to be expected