Siliciclastics in Al Wajh carbonate lagoon


Project Description

Afro-Arabian desert belt export at least half of the world's dust. Dust provides essential minerals for life to thrive on Earth, both on land and in the sea. Dust provides iron to the ocean, which is one of the main limiting nutrients for photosynthetic algae. However, not much is known about how much dust is necessary to fertilize the ocean. The aim of the project is to analyze dust particles within marine sediments from Al Wajh lagoon, NE Red Sea. A sedimentological, mineralogical, and spatial analysis will be performed.
Program - Earth Science and Engineering
Division - Physical Sciences and Engineering
Center Affiliation - Ali I. Al-Naimi Petroleum Engineering Research Center
Field of Study - Geoscience

About the

Volker Vahrenkamp

Volker Vahrenkamp

Desired Project Deliverables

-SEM, XRD and grain size analysis of dust in marine sediments. -A scientific report showing the results and interpretation of the measurements performed.