The KSA Native Genome Project


Project Description

Environmental protection via the conservation of biological diversity is a central theme of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s (KSA) Vision 2030. Biologically characterizing ecosystems that are relevant to the mission of MEWA’s National Center for the Development of Vegetation Cover & Combating Desertification (NCDVC&CD) would provide essential data as to how and why a particular ecosystem operates in a particular environment. This information can then, in turn, be used to engineer large-scale ecosystems that are sustainable, will positively influence vegetation cover, and will fight against desertification across the KSA. In partnership with the NCDVC&CD, the CDA are studying many common and endangered plant species of cultural, religious, medicinal and pastoral significance. This project will establish a robust pipeline/infrastructure to characterize 100s-1000s of different ecosystems across the Kingdom, both terrestrial and aquatic, as part of a broader initiative entitled the KSA Native Genome Project (KSA-NGP) under development. Furthermore, it will produce a new cohort of scientists trained in the study of ecosystem biology and its application to environmental protection and conservation.
Program - Plant Science
Division - Biological and Environmental Sciences and Engineering
Center Affiliation - Center for Desert Agriculture
Field of Study - Genomics, Plant biology, Bioinformatics, Molecular Biology

About the

Rod Wing

Rod Wing

Desired Project Deliverables

- Generate high-quality genomic resources for all native plants under study, and associated microbial species in the KSA - Investigate their ecosystems with respect to metabolomes, root development/architecture, and microbiomes