Deep Learning for Visual Computing


Project Description

The internship will be in the area of visual computing (computer graphics, computer vision, remote sensing). The exact topic depends on the student's interest, student's background, and current research topics in thegroup. To give some examplesof past projects, our group worked on topics related to generative adversarial networks for synthesizing images, textures, point clouds, 3D geometry, ..., networks using graphs as representations, and 3D reconstruction problems such as depth from one or multiple images, primitive fitting, indoor room layout reconstruction and segmentation of images.​
Program - Computer Science
Division - Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Sciences and Engineering
Center Affiliation - Visual Computing Center
Field of Study - ​Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Deep Learning

About the

Peter Wonka

Peter Wonka

Desired Project Deliverables

​There are two learning objectives for the internships:1) students should learn about machine learning, deep learning, andtherespective target application chosen for the internship.​2) students should implement a working prototype